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Your leadership development with ISV

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Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) /
20 February 2024

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Are great leaders born or made? While some people seem to possess an innate ability to lead, the vast majority cultivate their leadership skills over many years of experience and continuous learning.

Whether you’re an educator wanting to take a more expansive view of your role as a leader, or a seasoned Principal looking to extend your impact across the educational landscape, we have a program tailored for every stage of your leadership journey. Browse our selection of upcoming leadership programs now open for enrolment.

Leadership Mindsets: Amplifying teacher leadership

Unpack the three key mindsets – role, pedagogy and evidence – and look beyond traditional notions of leadership to improve teaching and learning at your school.

Emerge as the leader you are!

Illuminate your blind spots and move closer to your mission to lead with Gavin Grift. Learn more about your ingrained dispositions, motivations and physiological responses to enhance your emotional intelligence when leading others.

LILAed 2024: The human factor

How do you ensure everyone in your school community feels seen, heard and respected? LILAed is back for 2024 and this year we will explore how can we reshape our schools to be grounded in agency, belonging and connection.

Principals' Leadership Academy Masterclass with Professor Ethan Bernstein

Join Harvard Business School’s Professor Ethan Bernstein for this one-day, in-person masterclass focussing on collaboration as a leadership competency.

Courageous Principals

Leverage best practice in corporate leadership to develop yourself as an exceptional education leader with the award-winning Courageous Principals program, offered in partnership with Deloitte.

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