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Emerge as the leader you are

Illuminate your blind spots and
move closer to your mission to lead.

Middle leaders
Educators aspiring to middle leadership roles
Leadership development
Starts Friday 31 May 2024
Day 1: Friday 31 May, 9.30 am to 3.30 pm
Day 2: Thursday 25 July, 9.30 am to 3.30 pm
Day 3: Wednesday 14 August, 9.30 am to 3.30 pm
In-person at ISV
ISV Member Schools: $1,295
Non-Member Schools: $2,590

Are you looking to view your school leadership potential in fresh and insightful ways?

If you’re a middle leader or thinking about becoming one, this three-day bespoke leadership development program is for you.

Designed by prominent and highly respected author Gavin Grift, ‘Emerge as the leader you are’ will give you an opportunity to chart your own leadership course with a deliberate focus on where and how you direct your thinking.

Based on Gavin’s new book Emerge, you will apply the knowledge gained from the program to move closer to your mission to lead. You’ll learn more about your ingrained dispositions, motivations and physiological responses to enhance your emotional intelligence when leading others.

We will illuminate your potential blind spots and encourage you to leverage these as you come to view problems and people as your greatest opportunity for growth.

This three-day action learning program will help you apply your understanding in real and meaningful ways, leading to greater fulfilment, impact and influence in your role.

Lines of inquiry

  • How might elevating our self-awareness assist us to lead with more clarity, purpose and poise?
  • What has research taught us about self-awareness in the last 20 years and why should it matter to a leader?
  • What might be some of the mental barriers associated with our leadership and how can they be overcome?
  • How does self-awareness shape our identity as leaders and the subsequent influence, fulfillment and impact we have?
  • What practical approaches might you use to grow as a leader of people and process?
“A self-described ‘conduit’ between the middle leader and the experience of thousands of leaders, Gavin Grift generously invites the middle leader into a journey of self-awareness, readily sharing wise insights to enable leadership growth.”

— Sue Kennedy‑Branford Assistant
Director (People, Leadership and Culture), Catholic Education South Australia

Key takeaways

  • Bolster your motivation to lead
  • Learn how to develop your capacity to influence and navigate
  • Strengthen your connectedness to colleagues grappling with similar challenges
  • Explore practical approaches to lead with humility, self-assurance and purpose
  • Unpack the most common challenges associated with leadership and how we can overcome them, including:
    • Self-limiting beliefs
    • The need to be liked
    • Overwhelm from constant change
    • A lack of time
    • Working with difficult people.

All participants will become certified Grift Education Phase 1 Emerge Leaders (based on Gavin Grift’s published work, Emerge).

More information

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