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Teacher Fellowship Program 2023

Developing aspiring leaders, enhancing classroom practice

Middle or aspiring leaders
Teacher inquiry, classroom practice, leadership
Full year
In-person and online
Subsidised for ISV Member Schools

Research says the most effective professional learning is collaborative, embedded into the daily work of teachers and relevant to their needs and those of their school. It should also be practical and focus on improving student learning outcomes. 

Now in its third year, ISV’s Teacher Fellowship Program brings together high-performing educators to design, implement and evaluate innovative models of professional learning that have long-term benefits for schools, staff and students.

ISV Teacher Fellows 2023
  • Al Taqwa College
    Jay Chew
    Farrah Deeba
  • Christian College Geelong
    Lori Ruplal
    Sarah Nailer
  • Giant Steps Melbourne
    Dale Rugachwa
    Albert Orr
    Michelle Wheeler
  • Girton Grammar School
    Liz Blanks
    Christabelle Ryan
  • Henderson College
    Fia Utai
    Fiona Hudson
  • Hester Hornbrook Academy
    Paul Stock
    Brydie Gleeson
  • Mentone Girls Grammar
    Kellie Saunders
    Julia Armstrong
  • Newhaven College
    Alycia James
    Sarah Pedersen
  • Sophia Mundi Steiner School
    Melanie Brown
    Krissy Agostini
  • Strathcona Girls Grammar
    Georgia Cleeland
    Katie Harris
  • Tintern Grammar
    William Fogarty
    Nicky Thomas
  • Yarra Valley Grammar School
    Ngaire Thomson
    David Frazer

A three-way partnership

ISV’s Teacher Fellowship Program is a three-way partnership between ISV, Teacher Fellows and Member Schools.

What does it involve?

The Teacher Fellowship Program is aimed at educators who are currently in a middle leadership role or aspiring towards leadership.

Successful applicants will have an opportunity to:

  • Lead a professional learning initiative aligned to your school’s specific interests, framed as action research
  • Lead a Teacher Inquiry Group of up to 18 teachers from Independent schools
  • Access the equivalent of three days of professional learning in leadership, team development, inquiry and adult learning
  • Join with others in a facilitated network to share experiences, problem-solve and troubleshoot issues
  • Contribute to associated action research.

Teacher Fellowships are an adjunct appointment for 1 year. Fellows continue to work at their school and take on the associated responsibilities in addition to their teaching role.

Teacher Fellows will also be eligible to apply for the ISV/Deakin Professional Practice Credential in Collaboration for their engagement with the program.

What are the benefits?
  • Develop your skills as a leader
  • Deepen your knowledge about learning and teaching
  • Build your expertise in teacher inquiry
  • Connect with others who share your passion
  • Broaden your professional networks
  • Be strategic about your career development
  • Understand how adults learn best
  • Earn accreditation for new skills

A teacher inquiry framework: Diversity in action

Based on our experience in the program’s first two years, we have modelled ISV’s dedication to diversity by framing next year’s program to support the diverse needs of our students.

This new framework will encourage schools to explore a line of inquiry that goes to the heart of learning and teaching, such as:

  • What are the cultural and/or linguistic needs of my students?
  • What new approaches to teaching might motivate my disengaged learners?
  • How can I develop and evaluate a unit to cater for the diverse needs of my students?
  • How might I incorporate opportunities for student inquiry and agency in my teaching?

More information

Aine Maher
Ambassador, Education Services, ISV
(03) 9825 7226

David Burton
Principal Consultant, ISV
(03) 9825 7200

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