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The premier social-emotional learning (SEL)
curriculum for schools across Australia.

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90 minutes for each curricula
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Wayfinder is the premier social-emotional learning (SEL) and future-ready skills curriculum, available exclusively to schools in Australia through ISV.

Founded at Stanford University’s d.school, the Wayfinder curriculum provides activities, personal development and assessments to help students develop lives of meaning and purpose.

The core curriculum supports students through their entire school journey:

  • Foundations (Foundation to Year 6) – Developing empathy and compassion
  • Belonging (Years 7-9) – Creating belonging and community
  • Purpose (Years 10-12) – Leading purposeful lives.

Wayfinder’s SEL offering also includes the Activity Library, Collections and Waypoints, giving schools full flexibility to customise the program to the needs of your students.

What is Wayfinder?

The Wayfinder philosophy views SEL as a means to help students cultivate critical skills needed to succeed in today’s world – skills like communication, creative problem solving, perseverance, goal setting and collaboration.

These are not only skills commonly sought after by universities and employers – they’re the essential ingredients for living a meaningful and purposeful life.

Start your students on the Wayfinder journey

Undertake online or in-school training to deliver Wayfinder

ISV offers regular 90-minute training sessions for each of the Wayfinder core curricula:

  • Foundations (Foundation–Year 6)
  • Belonging (Year 7–9)
  • Purpose (Year 10–12).

We can provide dedicated training for school groups, either online or in person. Contact us so we can tailor a program for your school.

Once training is complete, you will be fully equipped to deliver the Wayfinder curriculum to your students.

More information

Will Hanley
Innovation & Learning Leader
Independent Schools Victoria
(03) 9825 7216

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