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ISV is Australia’s only authorised training centre for this cognitive enhancement program.

Feuerstein is a cognitive enhancement program about learning how to learn. The program exists in 35 countries, and is based on the internationally renowned work of psychologist Professor Reuven Feuerstein.

As Australia’s only authorised Feuerstein training centre, ISV offers invaluable support for improvement in thinking skills and problem solving for all learners. Originally developed to help children overcome trauma, the Feuerstein programs are a powerful way to help people of all ages understand their emotions, think more flexibly, and improve their decision-making skills.

Feuerstein developed a theory called Structural Cognitive Modifiability, a theory of hope. He believed every human being, no matter their age or stage, can improve their thinking, cognition and intelligence. Feuerstein is the only cognitive enhancement program that intentionally and sequentially gives you every thinking skill you need to be a learner and a scholar.

The Instruments

Over many decades, Feuerstein developed a series of tools – known as ‘instruments’ or tasks. These intrinsically motivating tasks are embedded with ever-increasing challenges to help improve cognitive function and change the brain. Students of Instrumental Enrichment (IE) quickly discover there can be multiple answers, and they learn to look for connections. Each task prompts discussion and develops a particular skill, which can then be transferred to other aspects of life and learning.

These tasks rely on a high-quality Mediated Learning Experience (MLE), the human interactive relationship that facilitates cognitive development. Mediation doesn’t replace direct instruction; it’s more of an open-ended, reciprocal approach and is what helps with the vital transfer of skills. This transference of the principles of thinking and learning is part of what makes the programs successful at transforming the brain.

Feuerstein programs:

  • IE Standard has 14 instruments and is suitable for ages 9-99.
  • IE Basic has 11 instruments and has been designed for younger children aged 3-8.

ISV delivers the Feuerstein programs Australia-wide to students and teachers.

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