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Arts Learning Festival

Celebrating arts learning

The Arts Learning Festival is hosted biennially by Independent Schools Victoria and we invite schools from all sectors to take part.

First held in 2017, the festival brings together some of the best Australian and international artists to deliver a range of interactive and interactive virtual events with deep connections to the curriculum.

We also hold an annual Student Poetry Competition and Student Film Festival, which celebrate the creative talents of school students across Victoria.

Career Allsorts Exhibition

Exploring career aspirations through art

Career Allsorts encourages Primary school students to explore career aspirations through art. It aims to help students think more broadly about careers, introduce them to a range of career models and challenge any occupational stereotypes.

We asked students to draw or paint a picture of a job they would like to do when they are older. The artwork could be any career the student desired and was not restricted to the jobs speakers talked about. Students were even encouraged to create their own job!

The exhibition opened on Thursday 9 March and will run until Saturday 29 April 2023.

You can visit the exhibition in person at our Docklands Gallery, 8 Wharf Street, the District, Docklands. Opening hours: Tuesday–Saturday, 1.00 pm–5.00 pm.