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The Learning Blueprint

Hacking the brain to optimise learning

Students (14 years and over), Teachers
Learning, metacognition
18 bite-sized sessions (<30 minutes each).
8 hours in total.
Online. Flexible delivery, over 6 weeks or a full school term.
ISV Member Schools: $40-60 per student
All Schools: $44-66 per student
Cost is dependent on the number of students enrolled. See overview for more information.

The Learning Blueprint is an award-winning metacognition program developed by leading science of learning expert, Dr Jared Cooney Horvath. It has been proven effective at helping students (and teachers) enhance their academic success, giving them agency over their thinking and learning.

Many students have little awareness of the learning process. In such cases, learning is akin to black box testing, where users have no prior knowledge of the brain or its internal workings. This can leave students with little or no plan for managing their own academic performance.

The Learning Blueprint cracks open this black box and equips students with a proven cognitive framework to take control of their own growth and development.

The interactive program exposes students to deep learning practices, the mechanics of memory, patterns of attention, the imperative of mistakes, powerful study and classroom success strategies, proven self-management frameworks and more.

The Learning Blueprint is available in Australia exclusively through Independent Schools Victoria and LME Global.

Learning Blueprint for Students

  • 18 bite-sized sessions
    (<30 minutes each)
  • Flexible online delivery,
    over 6 weeks or a full school term
  • 8 hours of learning material in total

Learning Blueprint for Teachers

  • 4 base modules (8 hours each)
  • Flexible online delivery, self-paced or as a group (recommended).
  • Group delivery requires five, 90-minute live sessions with all participants.

Empower your students to optimise their learning​​​​​​​​​​​​​

To enrol your class or school, or register for the teacher course, email Nikki Maguire via the details below.

Parents and carers
There is an individual student course to purchase for your children upon request.

More information

Nikki Maguire
Innovation & Learning Leader
Independent Schools Victoria

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