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Leadership Mindsets

Developing mindsets for 'teachers as leaders' to flourish

Teachers and early stage leaders
Teacher leadership
Starts March 2023
3 days (31 March, 17 May, 25 July)
ISV Member Schools: $1,150
Non-Members $2,300

What are the various ways that a teacher can enact leadership in a school context, and what mindsets and skills are important if teachers are to exercise leadership in their classroom, influence in school and the field of education?

Schools are important contexts for learning and development, both for young people and adults. Teachers are critical leverage points for innovation in a school, because a small change in their mindset and practice can lead to significant changes.

This course introduces participants to a multifaceted notion of teacher-leadership – role, pedagogy and research – and invites them to explore expanded ways of being a leader for their students, colleagues and context.

Unpack the three leadership mindsets

Explore what it means for a teacher to lead

  • Understand how your identity affects how you work with and lead others
  • Recognise how your implicit assumptions about yourself and the world deepen your commitment to improving teaching and learning
  • Explore how you might go beyond traditional notions of leadership (and role titles) to design and implement structures and patterns of interaction to improve work processes
  • Look outside your current repertoire to explore, innovate and champion ways to improve instruction in learning spaces
  • Investigate the impact of pedagogical and assessment practices on learners
  • Undertake small experiments to test your evolving ideas about what it means for a teacher to lead.

Expand your leadership mindset in 2023

Reigster your place for the next intake starting in March 2023.

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Kieren Noonan
Head of Innovation & Learning
Independent Schools Victoria

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