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Increase the visibility of your skills.

As educators, we engage in a continuous learning cycle beyond our formal education. This provides us with many transferable skills, which ISV is committed to supporting you to deepen and promote.

That’s why we’re partnering with Deakin University to provide access to a suite of professional practice credentials in:

  • Communication
  • Leading and developing people
  • Self-management
  • Teamwork.

Externally recognised and independently verified, these credentials will enable you to showcase your skills and experience, boost your resume and enhance your professional visibility.

Deakin microcredntials with ISV


Communication is a vital and most sought after skill. And as workplaces change, so do communication needs requiring effective skills in face-to-face, video, message and other mediums. Strong communication skills are essential for engaging others, sharing ideas and building understanding with students, parents and colleagues across our school communities.

Leading and developing people

Effective leaders do more than lead. They develop people’s capabilities to achieve agreed outcomes and inspire them to produce their best work individually, and as a team. Effective leaders are role models, big thinkers and planners. And they are storytellers, who motivate people to commit to an organisation’s vision.


Self-management is about more than motivation. It involves understanding yourself, managing your strengths and weaknesses and taking responsibility for your own development. Employers value people with strong self-management skills because they can transfer their skills to new demands and experiences, and continually evolve their abilities.


Teamwork is essential in modern educational settings. Indeed, schools rely on it to achieve their goals and objectives because when individuals come together as a communicative, emotionally aware team, they are happier and healthier. And from there, creativity and productivity flow.

How can you earn a Deakin microcredential?

  • Microcredentials are open to anyone from a Member School. Use evidence from extensive current/previous experience, outside of a formal learning event.
  • Refer to the above candidate guides for information on preparing your submission.
  • Submissions are made through Deakin’s My Micro-credentials portal and are assessed by a Deakin staff member in partnership with a trained ISV staff member.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the cost to enrol in a microcredential?
  • Microcredentials cost $400 (usually $495), which includes the cost of independent assessment.
What are the benefits?
  • Formalise the learning and experience you’ve gained during your career
  • Demonstrate your expertise to employers
  • Help you develop further by reflecting on your abilities
  • Help you future proof your career by validating your expertise in valuable enterprise skills.
Can I use these microcredentials as credit towards further study?

Professional practice credentials can be used as a stepping stone into postgraduate study. Two credentials equals one credit point into a masters degree. You can earn up to two credit points (where course rules allow). Find out more.

What is the difference between ISV's digital badges and microcredentials?

ISV digital badges showcase educators who have engaged with a particular professional learning event. Badges are issued by ISV, but they do not carry an accreditation.

ISV’s partnership with Deakin provides access to accredited microcredentials. These microcredentials are also displayed via a digital badge, however, these badges are issued by Deakin University and can contribute towards a master degree.