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Leadership Mindsets: Amplifying Teacher Leadership

Developing critical mindsets for teachers to flourish as leaders.

Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) /
06 April 2023

1 min read

Unpack the three essential leadership qualities and develop the critical mindsets to flourish as a leader.

Teachers are not only leaders in their classrooms, but their broader school communities. When they embrace responsibility for a positive future for their learners and their school, teachers become powerful leverage points for innovation and change.

This workshop, led by Dr Flossie Chua from Project Zero at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, invites teachers to take a more expansive view of their role as a leader. Together we will:

  • Unpack the three leadership mindsets: role, pedagogy and evidence
  • Construct a vision of leadership for your context
  • Design a learning pathway towards realising your vision.

Expand your leadership mindset in 2023

Join us in-person at ISV on Wednesday 17 May to explore how you can develop a more complex understanding of what it means to lead at your school.

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