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Leading Sustainable Change

Turn your ideas into action

School leaders, educators
Innovation, change
On request
3 days over the school year, with additional meetings and in-school work
In-person and online

Leading Sustainable Change aims to develop your leadership capabilities, direct school change initiatives and turn your ideas into action.

Over the course of the school year, we’ll help you meet the demands of your role, adjust to new opportunities, manage risk and unexpected challenges along the way.

ISV facilitators will work with you to:

  • Lead and develop collaborative teams to activate change initiatives
  • Develop leadership characteristics that play an integral part in leading change
  • Lead change and foster a collaborative and innovative school culture
  • Frame your school challenge into a whole school improvement initiative
  • Prototype and expand your chosen school initiative.

This program has been developed from ISV’s Idea into Action toolkit, which explores problems and good practice for bringing innovation into sustained practice in schools. The toolkit is the result of a partnership between ISV and Project Zero at Harvard Graduate School of Education.

An ecological lens to support change and innovation

Using the ‘Guiding metaphor: An ecological lens’ from the Idea into Action toolkit, this program will support you with your chosen change initiatives.

More information

Kieren Noonan
Head of Innovation & Learning
Independent Schools Victoria

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