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Top Reads: What surrounds us shapes us

This fortnight's top reads from the team at ISV.

Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) /
26 February 2024

Every fortnight, ISV's Innovation & Learning Leaders share their top reads for teachers and educators.

1. Place matters: What surrounds us shapes us

The environments in which we live, grow, play and learn shape the foundations of early childhood development, as well as our lifelong physical and mental health. Find out more with this infographic from Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child.

2. Stirring debate on the futures of education

Following the publication of UNESCO’s flagship report ‘Reimagining our futures together: A new social contract for education’, Stefania Giannini (Assistant Director-General for Education) speaks with Portugal’s daily news on the global transformation of learning.

3. Positive parent relationships: It’s your call

When it comes to communication with parents, early positive contact creates a pathway for productive communication. ‘Every bit of (personalised) communication is an opportunity to deposit trust in the bank.’ Read more on the Real Schools blog.

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