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Top Reads: Students with disabilities, developing leadership skills and more

This fortnight's top reads from the team at ISV.

Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) /
18 October 2023

Every fortnight, ISV's Innovation & Learning Leaders share their top reads for teachers and educators.

1. Feedback philosophies to build the best relationships

What is your feedback philosophy? Kim Scott guides us to give feedback that is kind and clear, specific and sincere. Explore the playbook to help you do your best work and build the best relationships.

2. How education reform can help fix disability exclusion

Recent research shows huge issues with the way students with disability are included in school life in Australia. For example, 70% of surveyed students with a disability report being excluded from events or activities at school.

3. Nine conversation starters for before and after assessments

Assessments are crucial for understanding and supporting student growth. So are the conversations we have about them with students and parents. This resource provides nine conversation starters for before and after assessments.

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