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Project Wayfinder

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Project Wayfinder’s two signature wellbeing programs have been incubated through the design thinking process at Stanford University’s d.school in the K-12 lab and aim to support the social emotional development of students in years 7-12.

  • Belonging (Years 7-9) guides students to build compassionate, meaningful relationships with themselves, other people, and the wider world.
  • Purpose (Years 10-12) guides students to explore who they are and what matters to them so they can purposefully navigate their life ahead.

The programs are inspired by cutting-edge academic research and draw on practices of traditional wayfinding navigation as a metaphor for stepping into life with purpose.

Sign up to receive six refreshed sample lesson plans

ISV is offering sample lesson plans and toolkits to support student wellbeing during lockdown and to enable you experience the program first hand.

Sign up below to take your students through some inspiring Wayfinder lessons. You will receive a series of three emails with six sample lessons over the next week.

Become a Project Wayfinder educator

To become a Project Wayfinder School and offer the Belonging and Purpose Programs to your students, training must first be completed with ISV.

Training in each curricula requires a three-hour online session. Our next online training session is on Tuesday 1 March 2022 (2.00 pm to 5.00 pm) and Tuesday 8 March 2022 (2.00 pm to 5.00 pm).

Making Meaning for Educators

After a challenging 2020, many educators are languishing, feeling overwhelmed or disenfranchised. COVID-19 has taken a toll on teachers around the world.

In response, ISV has partnered with Project Wayfinder and the Stanford Flourishing Project to deliver Making Meaning – an innovative learning program to help you (re)discover a sense of purpose and belonging, at school and beyond.

Through a blend of webinars and self-paced material, you will come away with a greater understanding of the key factors that support purpose and wellbeing and how to apply these to effectively to enhance wellbeing in times of complex change.

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