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Top Reads: Braving the junk drawer, bridge the AI divide and more

This fortnight's top reads from the team at ISV.

Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) /
24 May 2024

Every fortnight, ISV's Innovation & Learning Leaders share their top reads for teachers and educators.

1. Braving the junk drawer 

Everyone has their own organisation system to determine what is worthy of students’ time, energy and effort. What should you throw out, curate or leave space for? Revitalise your organisational systems for learning and leading to save you time and frustration.

2. Bridge the AI divide with your expertise 

“…thousands of students at Stanford –  from undergrads, to graduate students, to PhDs, to professionals and executives – have taught me something unexpected about learning: experience matters!” writes Jeremy Utley.

3. Youth literature: a story of growth and wonder

Today, the children’s and young adult book industry is booming and authors and illustrators are vying creatively to help young readers grow up. Yet youth literature still struggles to be recognised for what it is: a literary genre in its own right.

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