Idea into Action: Personalising Instructional Change

Pilot Program

Is your school actively encouraging a pedagogical initiative, or are you looking to support your teachers to make thoughtful shifts in their practice?

As part of the Idea into Action (I2A) research project, a collaboration between ISV and Project Zero at Harvard, Member Schools are invited to participate as a pilot school in the next front of I2A research – ‘Personalising Instructional Change’.

Being part of the pilot enables teachers and schools to have an opportunity to be a part of this important research. It involves trialing and using the Personalising Instructional Change toolkit on an important school-based initiative whilst working closely with the Project Zero team, who will offer continuous insights and feedback.

The toolkit focuses on helping teachers to find synergies between the change initiative and teachers’ current goals, priorities and practices.

Participating in the Pilot

ISV is seeking 2 Member Schools that are actively encouraging a pedagogical initiative or have teachers motivated to individually shift their practice. The project team hopes to work with teachers who are planning to begin or have recently started to make a shift in their teaching practice, as part of a school-wide initiative or of their own volition.

The toolkit is designed to enhance teacher learning and engagement around a new pedagogical initiative through a professional learning process that supports positive and personally motivating shifts in practice.

The toolkit recognises that a teacher’s on-the-ground knowledge of their students is critical to making a change effort work, and offers them a chance to think deeply about the pedagogical change, their own goals and priorities, and how to bring these into their classroom in a meaningful way.

What does it involve?

Teachers and schools in the pilot will have an opportunity to use the toolkit on an important school-based initiative and work closely with the Project Zero team who will offer continuous insights and feedback.

Pilot teachers and schools will also be able to network with one another, and in the process create an ongoing community of practice. Revised tools and resources in the toolkit will also be made available to pilot teachers and schools before an official launch of the toolkit by ISV and Project Zero.

The Project Zero team will work closely with 3-4 teachers from each Pilot school who are willing to use the toolkit and share their insights and suggestions on its use. The anticipated demand on teachers’ time will be minimal; teachers are encouraged to use the tools at their own pace and offer feedback through email and short 1-on-1 virtual meetings.

The feedback provided by teachers and leaders will inform revisions of the prototype toolkit. In time, teachers and leaders will be provided with new iterations of this prototype for continued input and trials before it becomes publicly available.


  • Applications: Open until Friday 17 February
  • Intro session and Q&A with schools/teachers: Early March
  • 12-month Pilot Project: involving 2 cycles of teacher participants each semester
  • Additional meetings: bi-weekly meetings with teacher participants during first month of use; sporadic meetings and occasional email correspondence after.


The cost to participate in the 12-month Pilot program is:

ISV Member Schools: $3,000
Non-Member Schools: $6,000

Complete your expression of interest

ISV is now seeking interest to participate in the pilot program. Participation is limited to 2 Pilot Schools.

Please complete an expression of interest, ensuring you have the endorsement of your school Principal, by COB Friday 17 February.

More information

Kieren Noonan
Head of Innovation & Learning
Independent Schools Victoria