Independent Schools Victoria has negotiated licence agreements with agencies selected by the Australian Government to collect and distribute copyright fees. This means that schools do not have to seek permission each time they need to make multiple copies of copyright material for educational purposes.

Material protected by copyright includes:

  • literary works: novels, textbooks, manuals, newspapers, magazines, song lyrics, databases
  • artistic works: paintings, sculpture, drawings, cartoons, photographs, maps, architecture
  • musical works: song music, jingles
  • dramatic works: plays, screenplays
  • films: cinematography, videos, DVDs, television
  • sound recordings: CD, DVD, vinyl, cassettes, MP3s
  • broadcasts: radio, television


It is an infringement of copyright for any person to copy work in these categories without the permission of the copyright owner, except for specified purposes.

Copyright Licence Agreements have been put in place to allow copying of most works by schools without the need for permission from individual copyright owners each time.  Schools can use the works or materials in the classroom and, in some cases, outside the classroom, provided no profit is made from the copied material. Information about exceptions to this rule is contained on the Smartcopying website.

Under the Copyright Licence Agreement, schools must participate in a survey to record their copyright usage once every eight to 10 years, which provides information to reimburse copyright owners for the use of their materials.


Via Independent Schools Victoria, schools can choose to participate in annual coverage under the following categories:

Independent Schools Victoria invites schools to nominate which agreements they would like to be a part of each year. Participation in these agreements through Independent Schools Victoria or another body is recommended.

There are a number of other agencies that have their own licence arrangements outside of the ones described above. These include PPCA, CCLI and One Music Australia and schools would need to contact them directly to gain coverage.

For information about the full Terms and Conditions of Copyright for schools and some commonly asked questions see Smartcopying.