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Drivers of school choice

The role of behavioural science in parental decision making.

Choosing a school is no easy task. What parents value in education, and their opinions and experiences of schools, is changing.

This ever-changing education environment may warrant a different approach to understanding how parents make their initial decisions and continue to evaluate school choice along their child’s education journey.

While research on school choice continues to advance, a coherent understanding of the links between school choice, parental decision-making and their changing needs and motivations is lacking.

ISV’s latest research paper explores school choice and parental decision-making using a behavioural science lens. It focusses on:

  • Parents’ perception of Independent school education
  • Factors influencing school choice
  • Unpacking school choice behaviour
  • Understanding what parents want.

It suggests schools need to tap into behavioural science when seeking to understand how parents come to make a decision, and to continue to build relationships with parents so that they make informed choices.