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School funding: a step forward

Changes to the way the Australian Government funds non-government schools offer a degree of immediate certainty for staff, students and parents at Independent schools, Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) Chief Executive Ms Michelle Green said today.

‘The changes also create the long-term potential for a workable and enduring funding
system,’ Ms Green said.

‘With goodwill on all sides, the phased introduction of a new model for calculating funding
offers the prospect of a fair, reasonable and lasting resolution of the funding issue.

‘While we have been disappointed in the past, the government’s plans give grounds for
cautious optimism that we can finally put an end to the so-called “funding wars”, with a model
that is sector-blind and focussed on the needs of students.

‘Significantly, the government has not made special deals that unfairly favour one nongovernment school sector over another.’
She was commenting on today’s announcement on school funding by Prime Minister Scott
Morrison and Education Minister Dan Tehan.

‘The announcement provides immediate certainty for the 220 Independent schools in
Victoria, which educate some 145,000 students and which are anxious to finalise their
budgets and school programs for 2019,’ Ms Green said.

She cautioned, however, that significant work needs to be done to resolve detailed technical
issues involved in the new model before it is fully implemented in a phased process over 10

A first step will be ensuring that gaps are filled in the complex process of matching parent tax
returns and student enrolment details.

‘This matching needs to be secure and accurate to ensure the model reflects the capacity of
parents from all income groups to contribute to the costs of running widely diverse
Independent schools.

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