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ISV calls for release of school funding legal advice

The Chief Executive of Independent Schools Victoria (ISV), Ms Michelle Green, today urged the Victorian Government to release any legal advice justifying its decision not to sign a new school funding agreement with the Australian Government.

‘The failure of the two governments to reach agreement on funding is causing real anxiety among
Victorian Independent schools and the parents of the 145,000 students who attend them,’ Ms Green

‘Unless there is a last minute settlement to what is essentially a political disagreement, the 2019 Federal
grant payments due to Independent schools early next month will not be made.

‘The resulting uncertainty is particularly troubling for schools enrolling students from low socioeconomic
communities and specialist schools for students with particular educational needs,’ Ms Green said.

‘These schools rely on the federal funding that they expect to receive early in the new year, to pay
salaries, fund routine operational costs and pay for capital works.

‘Victoria is the only state refusing to sign the agreement, saying it has advice that Canberra can still
provide the funds without Victoria’s signature.

‘The Victorian Government has provided us with an undated and unsigned departmental document
explaining the “rationale” for its decision, but this does not appear to be formal expert legal advice.

‘Without knowing what that advice is, it appears that Independent school students are being treated as
collateral damage in a political dispute.

‘In the meantime, a number of our 220 Member Schools have contacted me expressing serious concern
about their operations in 2019, given the funding uncertainty.

‘Students in these schools, and their parents, are concerned about the prospect of disrupted education
in the new school year.

‘It’s not too late for the two governments to resolve this dispute in the interests of all students,’ Ms Green

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