Victorian State Election 2022

Advocating for the needs of Independent schools.

Education, the Victorian election and policy challenges

The Victorian election comes at a time when schools confront multiple challenges, including teacher shortages, student and staff wellbeing, school funding, the long-term impact of COVID-19, and economic uncertainty.

All these challenges will require policy responses from whoever forms government after the election.

In our political engagement, ISV makes the following points:

  • We welcome the recognition by the major parties of the essential role played by Independent schools, alongside Government and Catholic schools.
  • Government financial support for non-government schools should be based on transparent principles and reflect student need.
  • The government should maintain a capital grants funding program for non-government schools, based on clear eligibility criteria.
  • We urge a review of the administrative and reporting burden imposed on schools, which distracts teachers from their core role.
  • The government should streamline complex approval processes facing Independent schools seeking to expand to meet enrolment demand.
  • Debates about curriculum and student outcomes should be based on evidence, not anecdote, and draw on the professional expertise of teachers.

ISV Chief Executive Michelle Green elaborates on the election issues at stake for Independent schools in her Perspectives Blog:

School Planning Challenges

Despite government efforts to improve planning processes, Independent schools still face costly, complex and time-consuming challenges when they want to expand to meet rising demand, particularly in urban growth areas.

Josie Crisara, Principal of Aitken College, outlines some of those challenges, while ISV Chief Executive Michelle Green suggests what’s needed is a ‘one-stop shop’, so schools don’t have to deal with multiple government agencies.

Political engagement

We are directly communicating with the leaders and relevant ministers and shadow ministers of the major political parties.

We will also be in touch with selected candidates in individual electorates.

We will provide them with essential facts and figures about the role and importance of the Independent school sector, with specific reference to the schools in selected electorates.

Our key messages, drawn from our Perspectives Blog, and other communications material will also be shared on our social media channels and sent to our Member Schools.

ISV staff are on hand to assist Member Schools in any local political engagement they and their school community want to undertake.

You can find details of sitting MPs on our interactive map.

We can assist schools with school-related data relevant to their area, facts at a glance, talking points, and contact details for candidates.

Please contact ISV’s Chief Executive Michelle Green via the link below if you require any assistance.

Victorian Independent Schools – at a glance


The following sources of information can help keep you and your school community informed on election issues related to education.