Chemwatch Annual Subscriptions with ISV

Supporting your school's chemical management responsibilities

Chemwatch is a global leader in chemicals management. Its team of chemists, toxicologists and OHS specialists provide an important service to support your school’s safety and compliance requirements, whether it’s storing cleaning products or dealing with hazardous materials in the chemistry lab.

Independent Schools Victoria partners with Chemwatch to provide a heavily subsidised annual subscription for Member Schools. The benefits include:

  • Access to ChemWatch’s state-of-the-art Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Chemical Management Platform
  • SDS acquisition, data extraction service and automatic updates
  • Continuous support from the ChemWatch Entourage support system
  • Access to ChemWatch’s Risk Assessment Module
  • 24/7 access to ChemWatch’s Emergency Response Hotline.

GoldFFX subscription for ISV Member Schools

Member Schools can take out a subsidised annual subscription to the ‘GoldFFX – Complete chemical and (M)SDS management’ package for $399 + GST*.

Sign-up or renew your school’s Chemwatch subscription for 2024

The closing date is Friday 23 February 2024.

More information

(03) 9825 7200

* Annual cost could vary slightly, depending on the number of schools who subscribe.