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Junior Great Books

Ignite students’ curiosity and develop critical thinking skills through rich literature.

ISV offers the Junior Great Books Program through the Great Books Foundation in the United States. The program has successfully trained teachers to work with students of all abilities and at all levels, providing new ways to build on their strengths. ISV offers teacher training in schools or onsite at our CBD Development Centre.

Great Books helps students make significant progress in reading comprehension, critical thinking and writing. The program also promotes positive attitudes toward reading. By pairing outstanding literature with the shared inquiry process, Great Books supports students from Kindergarten to Year 12 to become independent readers and contemporary thinkers.

Going far beyond a standard reading program, Great Books develops cognitive thinking, social and emotional learning, and vital listening skills. By working consistently with rich materials, students develop sophistication in their writing and speaking.

In addition, the program has shown that deep exploration of a range of carefully chosen texts sparks curiosity and wonder. The shared inquiry program builds rapport in the classroom, supporting students to work collaboratively and respectfully.

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