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A fresh approach to design thinking for Independent schools.

Contemporary schools need to be agile. We need to be able to reassess, adapt our plans and iteratively experiment with ideas, as we navigate the uncertainties and complexities of the world.

We may be faced with the challenge of moving our whole educational experience online in the face of a pandemic, or we may be given a golden opportunity to redesign a learning space to better support collaboration. Whatever the challenge or opportunity, we need to develop our capacity to deeply understand the context, generate great ideas for solutions and trial them quickly and at low cost.

With this is mind, Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) has developed a coherent and adaptive approach to innovation. It brings together world class processes, strategies and tools that have been created and adapted to the context of Victorian Independent schools; we call this innovationXdesign.

innovationXdesign for your school

Join our upcoming program and learn how to create powerful and meaningful innovationXdesign for your school.

  • Uncover the fundamentals of innovationXdesign
  • Explore how innovationXdesign can be applied in educational settings
  • Develop the mindsets, skillsets and toolsets required for each stage of the innovationXdesign journey
  • Learn how to run an innovationXdesign ‘Sprint’ yourself.

Program dates

  • Session 1: Wednesday 26 May 2021, 4-6pm
  • Session 2: Tuesday 8 June 2021, 4-6pm
  • Session 3: Tuesday 27 July 2021, 4-6pm
  • Session 4: Tuesday 10 August 2021, 4-6pm

Delivery will be online via Zoom. Our blended learning approach provides synchronous support with a design coach, along with exclusive access to our innovationXdesign guide and the toolkit of strategies and approaches.

ISV Member Schools can register a team of 4–6 people for $1,600 (4 sessions). Additional teachers $400.

innovationXdesign is underway for 2021, but if you still wish to join please contact Will Hanley at will.hanley@is.vic.edu.au.