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Enhancing Wellbeing through the Performing Arts

This seminar is right for you if: You have students who would benefit from kinesthetic learning (a need to move) and/or a need to take charge of ongoing emotional challenges.


ISV Seminar Room 


Independent Schools Victoria40 Rosslyn StreetWest Melbourne VIC 3003 


Friday, 22 November 2019 – 9:30 am to 3:30 pm 


$295 – Member Schools Price (excl. GST)

$420 – Standard Price (excl. GST)


1, 3, 4 


Program Description: 

This one-day program will equip participants with the skills to implement or strengthen wellbeing tools through performing arts programs. Through script work and improvisational activities focussing on the value of movement, stillness, listening and becoming tuned into our sensory system, participants will learn how to engage students in a full bodied way – with themselves, others and the environment. In turn, these skills will not only help with performance technique but also an understanding of vulnerability and sensitivity as gifts, as well as skills in communication, curiosity, empathy, expression, improved relationships and a feeling of sensory rapture in the everyday. 

Learning Outcomes: 

Participants will leave with insights on how to: 

  • enable students to understand the value of vulnerability, sensitivity and emotional intelligence and how to implement these tools creatively and in their daily lives 
  • understand how the body speaks and how to communicate with and listen to another person’s body language 
  • enable students to find voice 
  • ‘exorcise’ and transform feeling 
  • ‘switch on’ the senses, as well as skills in listening, as a way of building an appreciation of the everyday, as an effective communication tool and as a way into feelings of connection and belonging 
  • approach difficult conversations 
  • access character, space, story and performance making. 

 Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change. 

– Dr Brene Brown 

Presenter Information – Kate Ellis 

Kate Ellis is finishing her Masters in Education at the University of Melbourne, has a Bachelor of Performance and a Bachelor of Arts: Media, Communications and Sociology Degree. She has worked with professional film, television and theatre directors and actors from around the world, including Lucy Fry, Marny Kennedy and Susan Hoecke. Kate has also trained with Larry Moss, Zen Zen Zo Physical Theater, Optic Nerve, Sankai Juku and at NIDA. She has won several awards for her writing and was recently named a finalist in the Iceland Writers Retreat writing competition. In 2018, Kate was the recipient of a place at a writer’s residency in Scotland. 

Presenter Information – Will Hanley 

Will Hanley is currently Advisor, Innovation Practice – Curriculum at Independent Schools Victoria.  Prior to his current role, he taught English and drama, holding various leadership positions, including Head of Department and Head of House. Will has a passion for assisting young people to strive and thrive in multiple endeavours, challenging students to create and collaborate in order to comment on and positively contribute to the society in which they live.