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Developing Deep Level Thinkers – What we Need to Understand about Comprehension

This seminar is right for you if: You are a Foundation to Year 6 Teacher.


ISV Seminar Room 


Independent Schools Victoria40 Rosslyn StreetWest Melbourne VIC 3003 


Tuesday, 29 October 2019 – 9:30 am to 3:30 pm 


$490 – Member Schools Price (excl. GST)

$600 – Standard Price (excl. GST)


2, 3, 5 


Program Description: 

This one-day seminar will explore what comprehension is and how it can be explicitly taught. Participants will also explore how to: 

  • create a comprehensive Prep to Year 6 reading program 
  • teach deep comprehension and what that means 
  • plan for small group teaching (explicit instruction) 
  • revisit the reading process (how do children learn to read) 
  • improve quality of written and verbal text responses 
  • use non-fiction in practical ways to enhance and deepen comprehension 
  • develop a repertoire of practical procedures for teaching comprehension with fiction. 

Presenter Information – Deb Sukarna 

Deb Sukarna has been a leading educator for 37 years and has presented professional learning programs for Independent, government and Catholic schools. She has worked in the United States of America and has co-authored a number of books on literacy education. In 2011, Deb was the recipient of the ACEL Hedley Beare Educator of the Year Award, and received a Fellowship in Leadership from ACEL in 2014. She has been both a Primary Principal and Principal of a Balinese community school. Deb has recently retired from Ivanhoe Grammar School as Head of Plenty Campus (Prep to Year 12) and Deputy Principal (2004-2016). She has an expertise and passion for literacy and her workshops are based on her own classroom practice from ELC to Year 9.