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Bold Moves

Find tools, resources and support to implement bold changes around the future of schooling.

‘Moving boldly is not moving impulsively, or for the sake of change. Moving boldly involves breaking barriers that need breaking.’ – Dr Heidi Hayes Jacobs and Dr Marie Hubley Alcock, Bold Moves for Schools

Join us for a special event with distinguished global educator, Dr Heidi Hayes-Jacobs, on Wednesday 13 November 2019. Heidi will provide guidance on how to make the necessary moves to create environments to house vibrant learning by: emphasising design thinking, developing site-based research and creating school innovation teams to ensure that bold moves can be actualised.

A collaboration on Making Bold Moves is available in 2020 for school teams of three to seven people. This is an opportunity to use the work of Heidi Hayes Jacobs and Marie Hubley Alcock to guide change in your context and help your vision of what modern learning looks like for your students become a reality.

This highly personalised partnership is designed to connect a future-focused, student centred education to the best of what you are already doing. The aim is to build a genuinely contemporary educational experience for students that keeps joy in the learning, the future in mind and the students in the driving seat.

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