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Bold Moves

Find tools, resources and support to implement bold changes around the future of schooling.

Join a unique opportunity to collaborate with global thought leaders, Dr Heidi Hayes Jacobs and Dr Marie Hubley Alcock, as you design the future of your school.

In 2020 schools pivoted quickly and remarkably to remote learning on short notice. In 2021, let ISV connect your school team with authors of Bold Moves for Schools, Dr Heidi Hayes Jacobs and Dr Marie Hubley Alcock, and trained ISV coaches as you craft your next bold move toward contemporary learning.

  • Consider what to cut out? What to cut back? What to consolidate? What to create?
  • Explore new roles for learners and teachers.
  • Investigate the possibilities for changing time, space, grouping of learners and grouping of professionals.

This year-long collaboration gives your team the time to examine barriers, develop a clear vision of what modern learning will look like in your school and connect the best of what you currently do with the future of learning in your unique context.

Independent schools are perfectly poised to move boldly and ISV can connect you to the expertise, support and resources to ensure your learners are not just ready for the future, but will thrive in our modern world.

Program outline 2021

Term 1
  • Study the work underpinning Bold Moves with a customised book study online
  • Work with your ISV coach to clarify and determine your ‘Bold Move’
Term 2
  • Virtual bootcamp with Dr Marie Hubley Alcock
    (6-8 hours of interactive webinars)
  • Targeted working session(s) with your ISV coach
Term 3
  • Individual 60-minute online coaching session with one of the authors
  • Targeted working session(s) with your ISV coach
Term 4
  • Interactive webinar working with the authors
  • Full day at ISV for schools to share, network and meet with coaches.

More information

Deb Carmichael
Senior Advisor, ISV Development Centre
+61 3 9825 7255