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Reignite series

Thriving with purpose in an uncertain world.

About Reignite

Reinvigorating educational aspirations, inspiring thoughtful practices and preparing young people for our complex contemporary world.

COVID-19 has given pause to educators everywhere. It has forced us to re-think how and why we teach, how we engage with students and how we can help them thrive with purpose in an uncertain world.

Reignite is a series of thought-provoking online events to reinvigorate educational aspirations and inspire thoughtful practices for preparing young people to engage in our complex contemporary world.

We’ve lined up some leading international thinkers to provoke and reimagine different aspects of education via a series of short videos called ‘Sparks’.

Each of these Sparks will lead into an online ‘Fireside chat’ to expand on these provocations and spark new ideas in teaching and learning.

Unpacking resilience

Resilience, overcoming adversity and helping students reach their full potential

Dr Flossie Chua (Harvard Graduate School of Education) speaks with Christina Burton (Balcombe Grammar School), Rebecca Fernandes (St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar) and Birra-li Ward (Frankston High School) about how we can support students in times of change and uncertainty.

What are your thoughts about building resilience as a daily commitment not only to your students, but to your colleagues and yourself?

Fireside series

Wednesday 12 October 2022

Solving the Frankenstein Problem: Why all learning is social and emotional

Professor Mary Helen Immordino-Yang (University of Southern California) presents her research on emotional engagement in the brain and how deep learning happens.

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Wednesday 8 March 2023

Future Proofing our Students

Professor Sandra Milligan (The University of Melbourne) explores key lessons from the pandemic and how schools can future proof students to thrive in an uncertain world.

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Reignite timeline

How does it work?

The Reignite event series is comprised of Sparks and Fireside chats.

  • Sparks – 3-5 minute video presentations featuring innovative ideas that provoke and reimagine an aspect of education.
  • Fireside chats – 90-minute conversations where invited speakers share ideas and engage participants in discussions.

Learning group discussions following each Fireside will give participants an opportunity to unpack content and leverage ideas for long-term impact.