What learning looks like

Exploring new ways of learning, in 2022 and beyond.

For the past two years, students have had to navigate interruptions in their education and discover new ways of learning. While these interruptions have a negative side, they have also created opportunities for long lasting and constructive change in schools.

At ISV we see an opportunity to understand more fully what learning looks like through the eyes of students. After months of learning remotely, students have unique insights into what helps them learn and flourish.

The experiences of students and their reaction to the challenges of learning through the pandemic are an essential element if educators are to develop suitable scenarios for future learning.

Beginning in Term 1 2022, ISV will offer a range of conversation clusters designed to delve deeper into this topic. Several schools have already shown their interest. We would love to hear from you too if this is of interest to your school.

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Diane Bourke
Project Manager
Independent Schools Victoria

Genia Janover
Independent Schools Victoria