Vision and Values: An incubator for change

Discover your school's unique values.

When guided by a strong vision, mission and meaningful core values, schools have purpose, direction and a strong culture.

ISV is pleased to partner with EnRusk, a world-leading innovation, change and design consultancy firm, to help schools define what they stand for.

Through a collaborative incubator model, EnRusk will help schools articulate their vision, mission and values together with their school community.

  • Discover and tell your school’s story.
  • Unpack the data to define (or redefine) your school’s core values.
  • Develop a compact and compelling set of guiding statements to inform immediate and future decision-making.
  • Set the foundations for a whole-of-school communications plan – backed a data, information and the power of story – to guide development of your school’s strategy.
  • Learn with and from other participating schools with this creative and innovative incubator model.

Complete an expression of interest

Interested in getting a team together from your school?

This project requires a commitment of up to 6 staff members. It consists of 2 days face-to-face and online workshops, gathering stories and evidence from your school community, as well as face-to-face and online coaching. Specific dates will be confirmed early in the new year.

Complete your school’s expression of interest by Friday 18 February 2022.

More information

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Principal Consultant, School Improvement
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