Principals' Leadership Academy 2021

Accelerate your leadership development.

Independent Schools Victoria has partnered with Professor Ethan Bernstein from Harvard Business School to present the Principals’ Leadership Academy 2021.

Principals are not just educators, but leaders of complex organisations with significant managerial challenges and a strengthening imperative for increased efficiency, innovation, results and change.

This innovative program aims to accelerate the leadership development of Principals and provide tactical insight on best-in-class approaches (including future of work advancements) to managing human capital at their schools (e.g. talent development, performance management, organisational structure, compensation and rewards, faculty recruiting, etc.).

The course is designed around the following objectives and pedagogy:

  1. Exposure to the best, leading-edge approaches to managing human capital within complex organisations
  2. Work with Principals, in and outside of school, to help them translate those global approaches to managing human capital into applications within the context of managing schools
  3. Provide Principals with the scaffolding not just to improve their organisations but to develop themselves into more effective leaders
  4. Help Principals develop and strengthen their network with others in the cohort, enabling ready access to a set of collaborators with whom to continue developing themselves as leaders after the program is complete.

Register your interest and be the first to know when program and registration details are announced in late January 2021.