isEducation 2.0

A new, one-stop shop to access isEducation.

isEducation is our suite of digital products designed to help meet the increasing demands on Independent schools.

In mid-2022, we will release isEducation 2.0. Based on your feedback, we are developing a one-stop shop for users and school administrators to access and manage their school operations, from compliance and communications to data and analytics.

The new isEducation portal will:

  • make it easier for you to manage personal details, passwords and logins
  • provide greater flexibility and oversight for school administrators to manage users
  • improve security and stability of our digital service offerings.

In 2022, many of our online products and services will receive a makeover. Over the course of the year, you will notice a different look and feel across many of our products in the isEducation suite.

We will also be enhancing usability and functionality of key products such as isAnalyse, isCommunicate and isComply.

More information

Michael Noonan
Head of Research & Technology
Independent Schools Victoria