Hybrid learning research

Exploring the experience of and possibilities for hybrid learning.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, schools have experienced unparalleled disruption to education. As a direct result of the pandemic, they've had to embrace remote learning and technology like never before.

Although some schools had already ventured into blended learning, the pandemic accelerated the adoption of newer hybrid learning models.

In response to this seismic shift in education delivery, ISV’s next research report will examine the experience of and possibilities for hybrid learning.

Due for release in early 2022, the report will examine:

  • perceptions of the effectiveness in hybrid learning
  • concerns and challenges in hybrid teaching
  • key drivers and features of effective hybrid learning environments.

It will draw on responses to a quantitative survey of Victorian Independent schools conducted between August-September 2021 and includes a literature scan on the adoption of blended and hybrid learning approaches in Australia and abroad.

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Michael Noonan
Head of Research & Technology
Independent Schools Victoria

Winnie Wong
Lead, Research
Independent Schools Victoria