Commonwealth Census 2020

Complete your school's Census by Friday 14 August.

On Thursday 30 July and Friday 31 July, ISV hosted a webinar for schools on the Commonwealth Census 2020. Below is a recording of the first half of this session, in which Mr Jeremy Smith from the Commonwealth Department of Education, Skills and Employment discusses the technical changes to the process for schools to complete and submit the Census in 2020.

A recording of the second half of the session, in which ISV’s Manager of Accountability and Funding, Mr Nigel Bartlett, discusses the policy issues arising from changes to this year’s Census is not available. New information that came out on the weekend has already rendered much of this information obsolete.

Schools should continue to read the COVID-19 email updates from Michelle Green.

More information

Nigel Bartlett
Manager, Funding and Accountability
Independent Schools Victoria