BeBOLD Summit 2023

Bridging your organisational vision with the pedagogy for learning, and the space design.

Be BOLD, create the future! What is your dream school, and how will it impact the future?

Transform your school design with our innovative BOLD process. We offer the tools and strategies you need to create future-ready outcomes for all. By focusing on the learner and unique features of your school, our strategic collaborative process will design building spaces that stand the test of time.

Are you ready to bridge the gap between modern school design and cutting-edge teaching and learning? Our combined webinar and in-person learning workshop is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Learn how to think divergently and use research-informed design to clearly articulate your ‘why’ for innovative learning environments.

The inside-out design process ensures that your organisational systems are aligned with your vision, creating a seamless transition aligning teaching and learning with an innovative environment. Reinforce what is important and expand your perspectives and priorities through guided school tours.

Get ready to bring your vision for school design to life with our BOLD process.

Key takeaways

  • Think divergently and understand research-informed design to clearly articulate your ‘why’
  • Align your organisational systems with an inside-out design process to implement your school’s new vision
  • Create tools to support new teaching and learning within innovative learning environments
  • Reinforce what is important and stretch perspectives and priorities.