Round table: learn, collaborate, contribute

New in 2020 we invite you to join a ‘Round Table’ event.   


This series of targeted conversations between passionate leaders and educators will be sparked by presentations from three schools within our sector.  They will detail their experience, successes and challenges as well as being available to continue the conversation ‘around the table’. 


The idea of ‘Round Table’ is to explore a topic/area of interest that all schools are facing as schools look to evolve into contemporary organisations to meet the needs of modern learners. This focused time will have short presentations from several schools around the topic/challenge at hand and then the world cafe model will be employed to ensure you are entering the conversation which best meets your needs. 


Round Table 1 – Continuous reporting

Date and Time: Thursday 5 March 2020, 4.00 pm – 6.30 pm 



Anna Sever – Deputy Principal (Teaching & Learning), Haileybury 

Emma O’Reilly – Deputy Principal, Girton Grammar 

Tim Dorning – Associate Head (Teaching and Learning), St Michael’s Grammar 


Through isLearn the conversation can continue to provide clarity and support for your next steps using our new Digital Companion. 

Interested in presenting at a round table? Need further information?