PL in a box

Now members have even greater access to high quality professional learning through a flexible, learning package delivered to your school.

If you have often looked at the offerings in The Development Centre and wanted to have those type of experiences in your own schools with your own flavour then through the power of isLearn and in collaboration with our experienced team we can assist you to create learning experiences to meet your needs.

Step 1: Select from a wide variety of ISV professional learning offerings

Step 2: Your core ‘PL in a box’ is created with a customisable presentation, resources and the collaborative tools to suit your context. Designed with maximum flexibility in mind, it allows teachers or leaders to run in-school, professional learning for small teams or the entire staff, over a single session or as a broader program.

Step 3 (Optional): Choose additional features such as online coaching, school visits, action-research assistance to fully ensure you are supporting your unique improvement agenda.

Optional add-ins:

  • online coaching – tap into the expertise of an ISV presenter to help you plan the delivery of your PL in a box
  • school visit – have an ISV presenter work alongside you as a coach and mentor, helping to build your skills in delivering professional learning and supporting the learning of your staff
  • Action research assistance – let us work with you to extend the learning potential by turning PL in a box into an action research project.

Why not trial the following examples at no cost until July 31?

PL in a box: Effective Differentiation

PL in a box: Effective Feedback