Opportunities for deep collaboration

We’re offering four unique programs created specifically for Member Schools

Independent Schools Victoria works hard to connect you with thought leaders and contemporary practitioners from within Australia and across the globe.

Each year, a variety of projects is offered to meet the diverse needs of our Member Schools. In general, the nature of the projects means there are limited places available and an expression of interest process is used to determine school participation.

The following information provides detail on four projects:  Making a Bold Move, Design Thinking 4 Learning, Raising Student Achievement 2.0 and Making Thinking Routine.

Look out for communications offering further partnerships in the form of extended projects with our valued partners.

Making a Bold Move

An 18-month collaboration with Dr Heidi Hayes Jacobs will allow schools to develop a clearer vision of what modern learning can look like. Explore fresh ideas and new strategies when deciding what to cut, what to keep and what to create.

Design Thinking 4 Learning Incubator 4.0

Design Thinking 4 Learning, in collaboration with NoTosh, explores design thinking as a model of inquiry. Develop new ways to effectively and creatively engage students in their learning by creating innovative and manageable ideas.

Raising Student Achievement 2.0

In an exclusive project for Member Schools, join leading international educator Jane Pollock in exploring how curriculum research can improve engagement and learning for all students. Use classroom data to track student progress and create better opportunities for differentiation in the classroom.

Making Thinking Routine

Making Thinking Routine is an action research-based project that enables teachers to become adept at using Visible Thinking Routines as a means of inquiry in the classroom. Learn a new pedagogy to effectively and creatively engage students in their learning while developing 21st century learning skills.