Leading from the centre


School leadership teams have a powerful impact on the quality of teaching and learning and the delivery of enhanced student outcomes. When the leadership in a school is effectively distributed, consistently high expectations and clarity about what teachers are to teach and students are to learn leads to continuous improvement of teaching practices and the growth of strong professional learning communities.

Central to this is the work of middle leaders. They create the vital link between the senior executive of the school and the teacher in the classroom. When the energy and influence of middle leaders is harnessed, the school’s explicit improvement agenda is clearly understood and actively pursued throughout the school.

Leading from the Centre is a development program tailored to the unique situation of each participating school. Our experienced team will come and work with the leaders in the school to enhance their collegial interaction. The skills and strategies for leaders to turn the school’s vision into reality and leverage change and innovation where it is needed is a strong focus. This initiative will provide the development opportunities for middle leaders that senior executives want to provide but rarely have time to address.

Program Design 

The program is designed around a series of modules that are practical and interactive whilst also being evidence based and drawing upon best practice. Participants will engage with a range of frameworks and learn and practice useful and relevant skills. They will also explore the ways in which they can work together even more collegially and effectively in order to provide mutual support for their roles as curriculum leaders and/or student wellbeing leaders.

The program is customised to each context, offered at the school for the entire team of middle leaders and during times that best meet the school’s needs. There are typically eight modules each lasting 3.5 hours, however, alternative options are also available.