isLearn Rewards

Reap the rewards with isLearn.

Resources are stretched, and budgets are tight, but that shouldn’t impact your access to quality professional learning with isLearn.

That’s why we’re pleased to launch isLearn Rewards – exclusive to ISV Member Schools. It’s all part of our commitment to:

  • giving back to our members
  • boosting the value of ISV membership
  • enhancing your professional skills and, in turn, improving student outcomes.

How does it work?

ISV has granted Member Schools an allocation of isLearn Rewards, based on current student enrolment numbers. Principals have been notified of each school’s isLearn Rewards balance.

Individual staff can now redeem points and register for a variety of fully subsidised professional learning programs.

  1. Look for the isLearn Rewards icon (and points value) displayed on eligible program listings.
  2. Enrol in the selected program as per the usual online registration process.
  3. Points will be deducted automatically from your school’s allocation of isLearn Rewards.

Once your school has exhausted its allocation of points, you will be invoiced for the applicable member rate.

Any unused isLearn Rewards will expire at the end of 2021.

Nominate your school's key contact

Each school’s allocation of isLearn Rewards will be managed by the staff member responsible for approving professional learning.

If this is part of your role, please provide your details via the link below.