Harvard 2020: ISV partnering with the best

Access the new ideas and approaches shaping modern education in 2020

Independent Schools Victoria will host three acclaimed academics from Harvard Business School, Project Zero and Harvard Graduate School of Education in Melbourne in 2020.

Harvard University is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research as well as developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally.

Independent Schools Victoria’s partnership with Harvard ensures outstanding opportunities for leaders in schools.

Dr Daniel Wilson

Director, Project Zero,
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Designing for Learning

Thursday 5 March 2020


This workshop will share four research-based shifts in conceptions of learning and illustrative examples of classrooms and schools that are designed to support these shifts.

Participants will get hands-on experiences with tools and processes developed from a decade of work at Harvard’s Learning Environment for Tomorrow Institute, used to evaluate and guide effective design for learning.


Who is it for?

Principals, business managers, school leaders, teachers, architects, building designers.

Dr Elizabeth City

Senior Lecturer on Education,
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Instructional Core and Task Work

Tuesday 5 May 2020


This workshop is designed to help principals and school leaders practice skills, tools, and habits that support powerful learning through the implementation of the ‘instructional core’.

Participants will learn about the ‘instructional core’ and its importance in the leadership of learning. The workshop is hands-on with several tools and ideas participants can apply directly to their practice in relation to energy, academic tasks and adult learning.

Who is it for?

Principals, school leaders.

Professor Ethan Bernstein

Professor of Leadership and Organisational Behaviour, Harvard Business School


Principals’ Leadership Academy

Monday 27 July – Friday 31 July 2020


In an era when the nature of work is changing, Professor Bernstein studies the impact of workplace transparency—the observability of employee activities, routines, behaviours, output, and performance—on productivity, with implications for leadership, collaboration, organisation design, and new forms of organising. He teaches Developing yourself as a leader and various executive education courses at Harvard Business School.

Principals are not just educators but also leaders of complex organisations with significant managerial challenges and a strengthening imperative for increased efficiency, innovation, results and change.

Independent Schools Victoria have partnered with Professor Ethan Bernstein from Harvard Business School to present the Principals’ Leadership Academy.

This innovative program aims to accelerate the leadership development of principals, while simultaneously providing tactical insight on best-in-class approaches (including “future of work” advancements) to managing human capital at their schools (e.g., talent development, performance management, organisational structure, compensation and rewards, faculty recruiting, etc.).

The course is designed around the following objectives:

  1. Exposure to the best, leading-edge approaches to managing human capital within complex organisations;
  2. Translate those global approaches to managing human capital into applications within the context of managing schools;
  3. Provide scaffolding not just to improve your organisations but also to develop yourself into more effective leaders; and
  4. Help develop and strengthen your networks with others in the cohort such that you have a set of collaborators with whom to continue developing yourself as leaders after the program is complete.


Program: Principals’ Leadership Academy
Registration and specific information coming soon