Amplify your unit planning for the contemporary learner

In our work with global educators Dr Heidi Hayes-Jacobs and Dr Marie Hubley-Alcock we were introduced to their model of contemporary learning and a call to action to start ‘amplifying’, ‘bumping-up’ or ‘upgrading’ practice in light of the new learners we have in our care.

Continually making small shifts in our practice with evidence-based contemporary practice at the core is at the heart of this suite of new offerings in 2020.

The ‘Amplify your unit planning to suit the contemporary learner’ brings current practicing educators together with ISV consultants to support a day where teachers come together and work on the core of their practice.  Creating learning experiences to meet the needs of the modern learners through keeping strong classical practice and giving it a contemporary twist is the aim of the sessions.

New learner roles are described below.

Learner as:

  • self-navigator
  • social Contractor
  • media critic and media maker
  • innovative designer
  • globally connected citizen.

Get your second semester off and running with a Term 3 session as outlined below.