Do you need to comply?


Conditions of compliance

The legislative instrument by which recurrent funding from the Commonwealth government is provided to independent schools is the Australian Education Act 2013 and the Australian Education Regulation 2013. One of the conditions for funding is the publication of information by schools. The purpose of the school annual report is to inform parents and the wider school community of the school’s successes, activities and achievements throughout the year, and to meet Commonwealth and State legislative requirements.

If you have to comply, what do you have to do?
Publication of information by schools:
  • All schools and system authorities must make publicly available, within six months of the end of each program year, a report that includes information about the school
  • The report is aimed at parents, government and the community
  • This information must be made publicly available on the internet, but if a parent is unable to access information in that way it must be provided to the parent in a way that the parent can access.


To meet with Commonwealth requirements the report will include the following information:
  • Contextual information about the school, including the characteristics of the students at the school
  • Teacher standards and qualifications (as mandated in the State or Territory in which the school is located)
  • Workforce composition, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander composition
  • Student attendance at school, including:
    • The attendance rates for each year of schooling
    • A description of how non-attendance is managed by the school
  • Student results in NAP annual assessments
  • Parent, student and teacher satisfaction with the school, including (if applicable) data collected using the National School Opinion Survey
  • School income broken down by funding source
  • For a school that provides secondary education
    • Senior secondary outcomes, including the percentage of Year 12 students undertaking vocational training or training in a  trade and the percentage of Year 12 students attaining a Year 12 certificate or equivalent vocational education and training qualification
    • Post-school destinations.

These requirements are separate to the requirements by ACARA of any data of ‘individual school information’ to be published on the ‘My School’ website.


To meet State (VRQA) legislative requirements, the information to the school community must include:
  • A description and analysis of student learning outcomes in statewide tests and examinations for the current year (and for the last two years if the school has been established that long)
  • A description and analysis of rates of student attendance for the year
  • A copy of the school’s financial activities
  • Copies of any other reports the school is required to provide under the State or Commonwealth funding agreements.


Schools must provide evidence in the form of:
  • A copy of the school’s annual report that contains the mandatory information
  • An outline of how the report is distributed and promoted
  • A copy of the Annual Report must be placed on the Victorian State Register which is managed by the VRQA (the VRQA usually writes to schools reminding them of this obligation).
What are the consequences if you don’t comply?

Independent schools receive funding from the Australian Government under the Australian Education Act 2013 subject to the conditions which are set out in the Act. The Annual Report publication is a condition under the Act.

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